Cancer and Your Physical Wellbeing

Prioritizing your physical wellness during your treatment

Cancer and its treatment can have numerous physical effects on your body and often undermine your holistic wellbeing. You may have to deal with side effects like pain during and post treatment, acute fatigue, problems with fertility and sexuality, or hair and weight loss issues. It is of utmost importance that you prioritize all aspects of your wellbeing, due to the cascading impact of such side effects on overall cancer care outcomes right from the start of your cancer journey. 

This is a time that you should have renewed focus on your physical wellbeing and find ways to take better care of yourself. It is critical to ensure that you start getting enough sleep, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet across all stages of your cancer care journey.

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empowering you
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Living well during cancer

While cancer does affect the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life, the priority should be to focus on maintaining the optimal quality of your life and focus on living well. Often cancer patients deal with self-image and self-esteem issues, due to the possible changes in physical appearance during their cancer journey. Starting a holistic physical care regimen can enable you to effectively deal with physical appearance issues, empowering you to live a better life during cancer. You may also refer to this section to learn more about the self-image changes you may have to deal with during cancer and how to cope with them. Read more 

There are two secret weapons which will always hold you in good stead during your cancer treatment. Evidence shows that exercise may be one of your secret weapons. Light exercises and physical activity can help strengthen your muscles and provide you with energy to counter several treatment related side effects. The second secret weapon is a good diet. Ensure that you have a healthy diet and adequate fluid intake. Despite your bad appetite, it is important to keep your body nourished with essential nutrients which it needs to heal. Make sure you discuss your diet plan and exercise program with the relevant medical professionals on your cancer care team. Advise from them is critical so that you are adopting the optimal levels of exercise and diet which will be beneficial during treatment as well as your rehabilitation period, without causing any other adverse side effects.

Self-image and cancer

Self-image is how individuals view themselves. Each of us have a mental portrait of how we look or how an onlooker perceives us. There are several physical and emotional changes which may affect how you feel about yourself during your cancer journey. You may experience positive and negative emotions about your body and self-image. It is important to remember that you are not along in feeling this way; many cancer patients have a hard time dealing with this phase. Refer to this section to learn more about how to cope with changes to your body and appearance and improve your self-image.

Coping with pain and fatigue

You may feel varying degrees of pain and fatigue during and post your cancer treatment cycle. While some people may be able to continue with their normal day to day life without feeling completely drained, others may feel too exhausted to get out of bed and function normally. For some patients, both pain and fatigue may not diminish with rest and ordinary life routines may start to feel overwhelming. Refer to this section to understand these side effects and learn effective coping mechanisms to deal with them.

Sexuality and fertility

People with cancer may often hesitate to talk to their partners, caregivers, physicians, or their cancer care team about the questions and concerns they have about the effects of the treatment on their sexuality and fertility. Feelings of unease or discomfort are common while talking about these issues and many patients find it hard to candidly discuss what they are going through with even their partners. It is important to address these issues, talk to your partner and trusted physician about them, and learn the best way to cope. In this section we have more information on the effects of cancer and its treatment on your sexual well being and fertility and offer guidance on having a frank and fulfilling discussion about these issues.

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