Your guide to living the best life possible, after cancer

“Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet”

Michael Douglas

Your journey as a cancer veteran

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of everyone who is involved in your cancer care journey, the disease may spread or even come back post a period of respite. Some forms of cancer are incurable and may continue to grow and spread over time. Cancers which cannot be cured but can be managed through continuous treatment over several months or even years, are called chronic cancers. Read more

Planning for aftercare

Aftercare for cancer is an active and important part of the cancer care process. Once the cancer treatment is over and done with, you need to continue seeing your cancer care team to avoid remission. Your doctor will then recommend an aftercare plan to monitor and manage your health and ensure better management of any lasting side-effects. The focus would be to regularly screen you and document any early signs of relapse, if they occur. Read more

Road to recovery

The fight with cancer is not just a battle of the body, but of the mind as well. After undergoing cancer treatment, you may need time to regain and rebuild your physical and emotional health. You may experience some side effects of treatment that can persist long after you have completed treatment.

It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment. This will not only help your body recover after treatment, but can also help with fatigue, pain and emotional well-being. Read more

Physical changes after
cancer treatment

Recovery from cancer treatment is a long and arduous journey. After treatment, you might be cancer-free, but the treatment could have lasting implications on your body. What you experience with your body may be related to the type of cancer you had and the treatment you received.

You might still be coping with the after-effects of the cancer treatment on your body. Therefore, it will be helpful to give your body time to adjust while being mindful of changes. Keep in mind that no two people experience cancer the exact same way; your experience with cancer and aftercare might differ from that of someone else. Read more

At Solis Health, we aim to help anyone touched by cancer navigate the difficult world of care. The Solis Knowledge Portal provides you with the tools and information you need to understand your cancer journey, make informed treatment decisions and take control of your life.

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