Getting A Cancer Diagnosis

Being told you have cancer can be a total shock and immensely hard to come to terms with. Both you and your loved ones may be extremely upset and distressed at this difficult time. There is no right or wrong way to feel. 

Here are some thoughts or concerns you may have at this time

Uncertainty: Not knowing what the future holds can be one of the hardest things to deal with when you are first diagnosed with cancer. One way of combating this anxiety is to empower yourself with the right information about your specific form of cancer and how it is diagnosed, staged and treated. Read more

Worrying About Your Loved Ones: It is natural to worry about how your loved ones will cope with your diagnosis, and the changes that cancer may bring to your family and relationships. Ask your loved ones to refer to the specific resources we have put together for caregivers and family members. Read more

Managing Finances: In some cases, a cancer diagnosis can change a family’s financial situation. If you are worried about navigating the financial aspects of your cancer care, refer to our section on Managing Financials. This section can help you understand the costs of cancer treatments and help you chart your financial plans. Read more

If you or a loved one are having trouble coping at this time, it can help to understand your emotions and seek the support that is right for you. Read more

Diagnostic Tests to Determine
Stage and Spread of Cancer

Due to recent advancements in medicine and technology, many people can be cured of cancer or are able to live with cancer for many years. It is important to understand where you stand; the type and stage of your cancer will help doctors determine what kind of treatment you need. To understand how your specific type of cancer is diagnosed, staged and treated.

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